Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. As the title of this post suggests I am still very busy making plans for next year and as such I haven’t had a huge amount of content to write about. I appreciate the need to update this more often though and next year January when all my travels commence, I will be much more active on here. I will update you on what I’ve been doing the past two weeks though in preparation for next year.

As you may have seen I am still very active with posting photos that I have taken and found on my instagram and facebook pages and I am still trying to build a following on there. I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve read through explaining how to best organically grow your following. I think I’m just going to be true to what I’m trying to achieve and hopefully people will come in time. One big thing I have realised though is that I need a much better camera than my Iphone 7 if I want to be posting quality photos and videos, especially as many of my pictures will be in motion. I didn’t realise quite how expensive a decent camera would be and I wanted one that would be able to record video as well. In the end I decided on a Nikon D5300. I read a number of reviews that said it was a really good camera for beginners. What nobody told me about was the need for lenses as well. This photography life is expensive isn’t it. So a few further hundred pound later and I had both the camera and two lenses. So I’ve been learning to use the camera and all it’s settings which is actually more difficult than you think.

I also considered buying a Go Pro to film plane journeys with but decided to save some cash and buy a suction mount for my Iphone as I doubt there will be too many videos posted. Maybe I will invest in a Go Pro at a later date, we’ll see how we go.

Other than purchasing items to help offer the best content, I’ve also been busy planning my diary to ensure I have places and things to write about and take photos off. I will detail my travels below but of course other than that I will be down at Heathrow as much as I can to perfect my photography skills. I need to try and find a few new locations to get the best shots as I only really know Myrtle Avenue for a good unobstructed view.

So the the places I am travelling too over the next 3 months are:

Hurghada (Thomas Cook XL) – End of December

Istanbul (BA Club Europe)- January

Las Vegas (Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy) – End of January

Los Angelese (American Airlines Domestic Economy) – February

I’ve got lot of things booked within these trips such as helicopter rides and fancy restaurants so there will be very good opportunities for photos and reviews. Exciting!

I have one other trump card up my sleeve. I am getting an air-side pass courtesy of a good friend who works at Heathrow Airport so I’m hopeful of some really great shots of not just planes but the operations teams as well.

Lastly my PPL training begins in January (weather permitting) as well. So many things to look forward to for 2018.

So please keep enjoying the photos at the moment and then next year things will really take shape on here and become a lot more personalised.

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